Your dress journey should be a favourite memory you treasure forever.

A R390 consultation fee applies.

Maximum 2 guests allowed per fitting.

Follow up appointments may be scheduled at R220 per 30 min.

One of our primary goals are to make the process of finding your dream wedding dress as seamless and memorable as possible.

Our designer run and owned KZN Showroom / Studio hosts the full selection of our latest design offerings by the brand. It is often preferred as a simpler alternative to a custom (bespoke) designed wedding dress.

During your private one-on-one bridal consultation, you can browse through and try on dresses from our carefully curated made-to-measure collection. These designs are still ordered and made to your measurements (hence the term ‘made-to-measure’) and may be personalized in small ways for example by interchanging skirt silhouettes, adding or removing sleeves, bows, buttons etc. (subject designer’s approval though).

Design preferences are discussed and noted after which a detailed quotation is provided.

Let's find your ONE