Your wedding dress experience should be one of your most favourite memories

Madeleine in a Custom Rayne from the Maryke Collection_South African Wedding Dress Designer

”My greatest reward is seeing a bride light up in her wedding dress.”

Bridgette detail from Bespoke by Maryke Ready to Wear Collection_South African Bridal Wear Designer


My life philosophy is that being yourself is the ultimate form of living Love.

And few things measure up to seeing yourself in your wedding dress thinking ” this is so me”.

…You are feeling so comfortable in your wedding dress that you are ready to create those lasting memories.

…You enjoyed your wedding dress experience so much that you almost feel sad on collection day.


Each Maryke Wedding Dress is lovingly pieced together.  It is a process that is perfected through years of experience. A form of art where hours are spent puzzling each little sprig of lace until it is placed just right.

You can find your dream dress through either a Custom Maryke (Bespoke) Design or an off-the-rail Maryke Collection Design.

A custom wedding dress is a collaboration between me & you, my bride. I take your vision and translate it from sketch to reality. Find out more about the process here.

If a custom wedding dress is not for you or you are still in the early stages of wedding dress shopping, my Maryke Collection might be just what you are looking for. These designs are available to try on off-the-rail.

You can view the collection here and find out more about the Maryke Collection Fitting Experience here.

Maryke is a proudly South African Bridal Designer brand and each Maryke wedding dress is designed and made in my Hilton studio, KZN.

Jade back From Bespoke by Maryke Ready To Wear Collection

Maryke is Proudly South African Wedding Dress Designer


I have an insatiable love for what I do. Most days I actually get excited butterflies in my tummy, especially when I sit down to pin lace onto a wedding dress. I see it as my blank canvas and the lace as my artist medium.

For more than 2 decades now I’ve been passionately following my childhood dream of making wedding dresses. Sewing was my first love (since kindergarten in fact) and at the age 9 I decided that wedding dresses would be my niche.

At the age of 9 I sewed my first outfit (I still remember it so clearly). At the age of 13 I sewed my first evening dress, complete with boning & fish-gut wavy hem. And at the age of 19 I dressed my first bride (bless her heart for trusting my very young, but capable self to do that).

In my spare time (ha ha) I am married to the most amazing human I know and together we are raising the other most amazing human I know. A few of my favorite things (other than the loves of my life, you and your dress) are butterflies, bows, ballerina’s, tiny footprints on wet beach sand, the feel of misty rain on my cheeks and beautiful sunsets (love letters from God as I call them).


By investing in a proudly South African Design of exceptional quality, you are not only supporting a local brand, but also the local community of suppliers that are used.

About 90% of my fabrics are purchased from local fabric suppliers such as The Fabric Gallery & Minty’s who are within a 20 – 50km radius.

My brides are spoiled with yummy goodies form Wedgewood Nougat (do yourself a favour and visit their incredible site. They are also an excellent choice for wedding favours).

And the team that help make this dream work are strong, talented women from our local community.