ABOUT – Maryke Wedding Dress Designer



Insatiable Passion


I have an insatiable love and passion for what I do. Each wedding dress is as special to me as the bride who will be wearing it.​

For more than 25 years I’ve been passionately following my childhood dream of making wedding dresses. Sewing was my first love (since kindergarten in fact) and with 30 years of sewing experience I’ve built up extensive knowledge in especially bridal & evening gown construction.​

At the age of 9 I sewed my first outfit (I still remember it so clearly). At the age of 13 I sewed my first evening dress, complete with boning & fish-gut wavy hem. And at the age of 19 I dressed my first bride (bless her heart for trusting my very young, but capable self to do that).​


​I believe it isn’t just a wedding dress, it is an expression of who you truly are, in that moment.​

Our Why?

Sheer Happiness & Joy

The joy of stepping into your perfect wedding dress is a moment that cannot be described. It can only be felt.​

​And it is our primary goal to make the experience as seamless and memorable as possible.​


Maryke’s life philosophy is that being yourself is the ultimate form of living love.​

​And few things measure up to the feeling of your wedding dress being ‘so You’.​

Treasured memories

We do what we do so that you can feel more beautiful than you ever have before.​

​For you to feel more confident than ever before.​

​Your wedding dress experience should be one of your favourite memories.​

Our How?



Your wedding dress is individually hand crafted especially for you according to your personal measurements.​

​A Maryke bridal gown is authentic in design, superior in quality and handmade in our South African studio.​

Time & Skill


Each gown is designed & sewn through a thoughtful process of applied skill and time.​



Each piece of lace is individually cut, pinned and sewn by hand.​

​It is a form of art where the pieces are puzzled together and re-worked into a unique design.​

With heart


We are a conscious fashion brand. All processes from design, manufacturing to dispatch happens in-house and there is no mass production.​

We employ seamstresses from our local community and work closely with local suppliers based near us.​

​Our off-cuts are either re-purposed into garters and accessories or donated to local community sewing projects.​