Aah, I can say much about this beauty. Her fun and bubbly personality. She’s straight forward and beautiful to boot. She was my first ”farm girl” bride for 2017. As you know, I love the down-to-earth beauty of these ladies. They aren’t fussed or fazed by much and they are beautiful without ”knowing” it.

Robyn’s wedding dress also happened to be one of my greatest of the year (I am, yes, shock horror, writing this post only at the end of 2017 and Robs got married early already!). The mock Chantilly lace from which this beautiful wedding dress was made was super delicate, requiring extra special care. It was SO well worth every ounce of effort that went into the making of this gentle A-line shape dress with exquisite low back an sheer lace applique sleeves.

To me, the most special addition to Robyn’s gorgeous dress was her special shoes – her hubby is from Scottish decent, so Robs searched & found a Tartan from their family clan and had dance shoes covered in the Tartan (a little fact I didn’t know myself: each Scottish clan had their own design of Tartan). Such a special gesture towards her new husband (which brought a tear to his eye) and the perfect finish to this Classic style wedding dress.

Photos by Dean Demos Photography