Madeleine in personalised Rayne from the Maryke Colelction
Your very own Maryke Wedding Dress awaits
Photo: Ben Viljoen Photography

Why a Maryke Collection Wedding Dress?


Some brides are looking for a simpler option than a custom wedding dress. Choosing a style from my Maryke Collection is the perfect alternative.

You can browse different styles and silhouettes and the best part is that you can put your personal stamp on just about any design through the various customization options.

The process is based on a made-to-measure principle where a design is made as close as possible to your personal measurements.

You may browse through the collection here.

Please be sure to inquire about the availability of the specific styles you are interested in trying. Often not all the designs are with me (they might be at other boutiques I supply). I’ll gladly see if I can arrange for them to be available at a suitable time for your appointment.


How do I get started?


Once you’ve scheduled your fitting appointment here, you will visit my studio for a private fitting.

Slots are available for certain Saturdays between 9:00 – 12:00 or Wednesday afternoons at 14:00.

The fitting fee is R350 for an hour & 15min appointment.

You may bring up to 2 people along for your fitting experience.

You may try as many dresses as we can fit into your appointment. I would however suggest that we narrow it down to about 3 initial choices and see where they lead us.

These fittings do not include custom designs. Should you decide a custom design is the way forward, you may schedule a custom appointment.

A 30 minute follow up appointment may be scheduled at R200. This is very helpful should you wish to try your chosen design on one last time before you commit.

I’ve fallen in love with a design…what’s next?


Ah, that moment when you’ve stepped into your dream dress is beyond special. Next up we’ll discuss the cost, especially if you would like to personalize your design.

I’ll send a formal quote soon after your appointment.

I’ll need to take your measurements as well as some photos of you in your dress (it helps as a reference once we start production of your dress).

Measurements can be taken latest 4 months before your wedding (there are no fees for this appointment).

  • 8 – 12 weeks before your wedding: Production of your beautiful dress will begin.
  • About 6 weeks before your wedding: Purchasing your dress directly form me means that you will be treated to an additional fitting before the completion of your dress. At this fitting I’ll measure where the zip position will be (so please maintain the same measurements from here on end) as well as the exact length of your hem.
  • 2 – 4 weeks before your wedding: You’ll have your final fitting and if all is in order you will get to take your wedding dress home with you.

What is the price range of the Maryke Collection?


Currently the collection retails from R8 495 – R20 995 with the average spend being between R12 995 – R18 995.

May I personalise my Maryke Collection design?


Of course you may. It is one of the unique factors of the Maryke Collection. Most skirts may be combined with a bodice.

You may ad a de-tachable tulle / chiffon skirt.

You may ad lace appliqué detail to the train (where possible, as this will depend on the availability of the lace)

Button detail may added to the back of your dress.

Perosnalising your wedding may ad between 10 – 20% to the cost.

What about alterations?


Alterations are not included in the purchase price of the dress. The aim of the additional fitting is to hopefully eliminate the need for alterations.

Should the need for alterations arise it will be quoted before I get started on it.

In the case of a sample being purchased directly off the rail, additional alterations will not be included in the purchase price and will be quoted for separately.