August 30, 2013
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September 20, 2013


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As I have mentioned in my previous blog post on finding ‘the one’, one can easily feel like one is paddling (and / drowning) in the vast sea of choice when it comes to choosing one’s wedding dress. Take heart – when continuing the search earnestly (and honestly), one eventually finds ‘the one’.

I have put together a couple of questions to ask yourself while choosing your wedding dress, which will hopefully assist in guiding you to better understand the ‘why’ in your wedding dress choice(s):

Is it really your style? Or are you drawn to the way it is styled?

– Are you influenced by what everyone else (your friends, family, siblings etc.) are going for at the moment?

– Are you driven by a desire to be different from everyone else – which might cause you to lose focus of who you are, compromising on your own style, personality & taste?

– The biggie: Is there any amount of ‘pleasing’ involved in your decision making? (e.g. a friend(s), a parent(s),  family (member), fiancé?) If the compromise is subtle & something you can honestly live with, then it is OK to go ahead with it. If it however makes you feel pressured into a direction that you don’t feel comfortable with, it might be a good idea to speak up & communicate your feelings (diplomacy is key though. Remember that usually opinions are well intended & might stem from mutual excitement about your up-coming wedding).

What is motivating your desires regarding your wedding dress?

How are you feeling about the image you see of yourself in the wedding dress when looking in the mirror?

– Can you picture yourself walking down the aisle in that wedding dress?

– Are you being truthful with yourself (and others) about your desires concerning your wedding dress?

– Is the dress really You?


I always emphasize the honesty factor, as one can so easily be swayed by fashion, opinions & a desire to please when it comes to choosing one’s wedding dress.

Take some time to be still, on your own…and hear the voice of your heart…

Whether your true style is an elaborate, modern design or a something simple, all that matters in the end is that you are feeling your most beautiful self in your wedding dress.

A bride, being herself (in my personal opinion) reflects true beauty.


Have you experienced the crunch of wedding dress peer pressure? Please feel free to share your experience(s) with me & other brides.

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