Hi there. I’m Maryke, a designer who has followed my childhood dream of making wedding dresses. Sewing was my first love (since kindergarten in fact) and at age 9 I decided that wedding dresses would be my niche. It seems impossible to find the right words to tell you exactly just how much I love what I do, but where words fail me, I’ll let my dresses do the talking.

Every wedding dress I design & make is centered around you, my bride, because your wedding dress should tell the story of you.

My favorite kind of wedding dress is the one that makes you feel so good that your confidence levels shoot through the roof. It is the kind of wedding dress that has you thinking ”this is so me”. And the kind of experience that brings you so much joy, you are sad to say goodbye at the end of the process.

Each Maryke Wedding Dress is lovingly pieced together.  It is a process that is perfected through years of experience. A form of art where hours are spent puzzling each little sprig of lace until it is placed just right.

I offer two main avenues through which you can find your dream dress. One is through custom (bespoke) design and the other through my off-the-rail bridal collection.

A custom wedding dress is a collaboration between me & my bride, where I take your vision and translate it into reality. Find out more about the process here.

If a custom wedding dress is not for  you or you are still in the early stages of trying on dresses, then my Maryke Collection might be just what you are looking for. These are available to try on off-the-rail and then ordered according to your size (a concept called made-to-measure) and new designs are added throughout the year . You view the collection here and find out more about where to find them and personalisation options.

Maryke is a proudly South African Bridal Designer brand and each Maryke wedding dress is designed and made in my Hilton studio, KZN.

In my spare time (ha ha) I am married to the most amazing human I know and together we are raising the other most amazing human I know. A few of my favorite things (other than the loves of my life, you and your dress) are butterflies, bows, ballerina’s, tiny footprints on wet beach sand, the feel of misty rain on my cheeks and beautiful sunsets (love letters from God as I call them).

I would love to be a part of your dress story.